Thursday, January 20, 2011

The night my Iphone saved me...

Yesterday was a bad day. Lots of crying. From baby and mommy. So strange how one day she is awake and pleasant and amazing and the next she lets her inner demon out and cries and screams all day. Well, I hate these times during the day, but I am absolutely terrified of these crying times at night! So last night my new iphone saved me. I downloaded a miracle app. It's a white noise app, and i just played it to Alexandra's ear when she couldn't settle down at 4am and she went silent. And slept. I even found the noise relaxing and I think it put me to sleep too! The app has choices to play white noise, airplane, fan, waves crashing, rain storm, chimes, and a train! It has quickly become my favorite app of all time!
Today baby A is much happier and I am as well!
That's all I've got for today but I will post some recent pics and some updates (including a post on sleeping arrangements...touchy subject!) soon!
love you guys!


  1. If you have not, please watch the Happiest Baby on the Block. It is really great, saved us!

  2. White noise is key. We play a "forest rain" track on repeat in Isa's room all night and for naps. We bring speakers with us and play it whenever we away from home for her naps too. It is amazing. So glad it helped you last night!

  3. Since you have an iphone im assuming you have an itunes account. Search for an album called" white noise: sleep baby sleep" it has 40 tracks on it and I love it. Before we were using a rainforest thunderstorm track that she loves, but now we changed up to ocean waves. And each track is nice and long and I believe they fade in and out.

  4. I totally bought this app after reading your post and drove my husband crazy with it. They really do have a freaking app for everything. :)

  5. We actually have a white noise machine in our nursery - I have heard how priceless white noise can be so I'm hoping to nip it in the bud. I'm glad you found something to calm her down!!