Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Weeks

How Far Along? 10 weeks and 2 days

Maternity Clothes? Nope, but i'm just feeling all over "fuller". Clothes in general are rather uncomfortable. And my bras are over flowing. This weekend I will be on a hunt for new bras.

Stretch Marks? Not yet.

Sleep? Decent. I'm tired being back at work so except for the nightly pee break I'm sleeping well.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing my baby on the ultrasound on Monday! I saw hands and feel and eyes and nose, sooooo relieved that all is well. Also great was getting my first OB appointment! oh...and I guess telling the inlaws we are pregnant was good too.

Movement? Nope. Except for the mega gas movement!

Food Cravings? Frozen yogurt. All yogurt actually!

Gender? I've started calling the baby "he"....maybe I subconsciously know its a boy!

What I miss? Hard core workouts, not wearing pads (have to b/c of the progesterone suppositories!), my non-bloated tummy (I can't wait for the baby bump but right now the bloat is just gross)

What I'm looking forward to? Getting my home doppler on Friday! And my first OB appt on May 31st!

Weekly Wisdom: Brown blood is old blood. Don't freak out.

Milestones: Moving on to the OB!

Emotions: Lots of anxiety because Tuesday night (after my internal ultrasound) I got more friggin' bleeding! It was brown but I still freaked out! They told me everything was ok and the hematoma was gone so why the hecka am I bleeding! Soooooooo annoying! I freaked, cried, called my sis who is a doctor, and eventually relaxed. No more spotting today. But I hate this a lot. I wish I could just have an easy go at this! I am getting my doppler this weekend and I'm hoping we can hear a heart beat. If not I will bring it to my OB and get him to help me. I think being able to hear the heart between appts will help to ease my anxiety!

So that's it, that's all! Back to marking for me! I have 236 huge IB math exams to mark! ugh....the pile is daunting!

Hope you girls are all having a great week!



  1. OMG, double digits!! Congrats LTB, 10 weeks just sounds so pregnant...and you're almost out of the first trimester. And so sorry for the spotting scares, I agree...can't we just get easy carefree pregnancies, is that really asking so much, hah! Well, I'm so glad you got to see your bean and everything is perfect! Tell us how you like the doppler, I may have to pick one of those bad boys up myself!

  2. Yea for 10 weeks!!!! That's so excited and being able to see your baby again! :)

    As for the pads - I had to take the suppositories in my last 2ww and the liners did nothing at all, I needed pads too but hated how they felt like I was wearing a diaper. Carefree makes a liner that feels like a liner & protects like a pad.! Try those out!

  3. YAY 10 WEEKS!!!!! Your first trimester is almost over! THat's like super officially pregnant. Very happy for you!

  4. Woohoo for ten weeks!!!!! Sorry about the spotting scare though, those really suck! You and the baby are going to be just fine, 2nd trimester is around the corner and the doppler will help ease your worries, not that I have one, but I'm sure its comforting to have.

  5. Hooray for 10 weeks! You are almost out of the first tri. I can't believe how fast time is flying. Can't wait for your first OB appointment. And you have to let us know when you use the doppler. I'll definitely be getting one of those if I ever get pregnant.

  6. Congrats on 10 weeks! So cool that you're getting a doppler. I would be obsessed!