Tuesday, July 20, 2010

19 week Update

How Far Along? 19 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still not wearing any. Summer is a great time to just wear loose dresses and tights with long shirts! It's working for me!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Debating getting the Snoogle...is it worth it? Or can a couple pillows do the same trick?

Best Moment of the Week? The totally nice comments I got from 2 strangers this past week! One guy saw me heading to the gym as he was heading to his office and he said "Don't you get a 9 month free pass not to work out since you're pregnant!" He was joking around and being totally nice. It really caught me off guard though! Then my second comment came from a personal trainer at my gym who told me she just noticed I was pregnant and that I looked "great" and to "keep it up". That was nice too!

Movement? I'm 90% sure that I can feel the baby. I often second guess myself that it is just gas but i'm pretty sure it's baby!

Food Cravings? Just hating chicken. But, I really never love chicken anyways.

Gender? Only 6 days to go!

What I miss? Nothing except less heartburn. It is getting me every evening!

What I'm looking forward to? Anatomy scan in 6 days and my sister's wedding this coming weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: ? nothin'

Milestones: Strangers noticing my pregnancy!

Emotions: I've been more calm this week. No major blow ups or break downs! Just feeling good!

Here are 2 pics of me a week ago at 18 weeks:

Have a great week everyone!



  1. You look great. I can't believe you are less than a week away from the halfway point and the big reveal. So exciting!!!

  2. Looking good momma!!!I am so happy for you. I am thinking girl?!?!?!

  3. Awww, look at that little belly! It is adorable!

  4. Get the Snoogle! If you're thinking you might need it now, give yourself another 10 weeks and you'll be so thankful you have it!

  5. You look fantastic!!! I'm jealous of how perfect you look pregnant! haha! Keep up the awesome work. I told DH that as long as our finances would allow it my "push present" to myself was going to be a gym membership!

  6. I am IN LOVE with my snoogle. I think I will be using it long after I'm pregnant. It's fantastic. My husband is in love with it too and I'm actually considering just getting him one so he'll stop stealing mine. Worth every penny!

  7. You're so cute! Stop second guessing yourself - that is the baby - embrace it :)

  8. OMG I can't believe you are almost 20 weeks!!! Thats so amazing!! :) And Im super freakin excited for you to find out if it's a chick or a dude :)

  9. You look fantastic!!!! I'm sure you are lovin that cute bump!

  10. You look great!!!I have been very happy with the snoogle. I highly recommmend it! I tried using just pillows for a while and that was not nearly as comfortable as the snoogle.

  11. Your bump is gorgeous!!!!! I love it!

  12. You look great! Can't wait to hear the gender!

  13. You look so cute! Can't wait to hear the gender!!! :)

  14. Cutest. Bump. Ever. Can't wait to hear if you're pink or blue!!