Tuesday, July 13, 2010

18 weeks

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Maternity Clothes? My good friend just gave me a HUGE bag of maternity clothes! She had a baby a year and a half ago and she is about the same size as me so hopefully they will fit! I got a few pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of work pants, cords, 3 skirts, a jean dress, and about 15 shirts/sweaters! Amazing! So I doubt I will be doing much maternity shopping!!!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Pillow between the legs is helping keep me comfy!

Best Moment of the Week? I wore my new bikini to a pool this week and a girl I barely know came and told me how "great" I look and she even said my belly was "so pretty"! I loved the flattery and the acknowledgment that I am really pregnant and it is obvious to more than just me!

Movement? I had some stomach problems on Sunday afternoon but then Sunday night I felt some "twitches" in my tummy. Not sure if it was gas or babes? I felt something today too, but again, I'm so gassy lately that it really is hard to tell the difference!

Food Cravings? Nothing in particular.

Gender? We find out in 13 days! I think girl. My friend who gave me the clothes thinks boy, due to the way that I'm "carrying". I'm not really sure what that means but whatever! We both have a 50/50 chance of being right!!!

What I miss? Nothing. I love this phase of pregnancy!

What I'm looking forward to? Anatomy scan in 2 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't eat too much at once. Heartburn is a bitch.

Milestones: Seeing a ton of people who I haven't seen since pregnancy at a wedding on the weekend. It was cool to be acknowledged and talk openly about the babe!

Emotions: I'm still all over the place. Way more emotional than usual! I blow up and then calm down really quickly. I feel bad for hubby who gets the brunt of it! I'm also starting to get really anxious about the anatomy scan. I'm nervous somehting is going to be wrong or the babe won't be growing properly. I'm trying to just overpower this anxiety with the excitement of finding out the sex!

That's my quicky update! Nothing else too exciting over here! I just made homemade canneloni and tomatoe sauce and now I'm heading to the gym so that I can eat a ton of my pasta tonight without feeling too guilty!!! (oh...but not toooo much...heartburn...can't forget that!)



  1. i can't wait to find out what you're having!! You should post a new pic so we can all see how your "carrying" and weigh in on the situation!!

  2. Oh that canneloni sounds yummy! I've been on a pasta craving for a while now...something about carbs is just singing to me. haha. I love that you love everything about this pregnancy! :) I bet you looked amazing in your new bikini!

  3. 13 more days! I can't believe it. You better post the details as soon as you find out. :) Oh, and where are belly pics?!

  4. Yay 18 weeks! That is awesome about the maternity clothes and cute bikini!!

    Wow - 13 days! How exciting :)

  5. Score on the maternity clothes!!! I know you will rock them. :)

  6. 13 more days!!! Can't wait!

  7. I cannot wait for you to find out the sex, you are SOOOO close my friend!!! And huge score on the maternity clothes!!