Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Slow down world! How is it possible that baby A is almost 1 YEAR OLD??? Where the heck has the time gone! She is so amazing and learning every day. I often find myself wishing "she could walk", or "she could talk" but then I look back at all that she has learned in her short 11 months and I feel so guilty for wishing the time away! I honestly would be happy if she would stay at this cute, smiley, crawling, cruising, getting in to everything age forever! So much fun!

Lots going on over here in the last month. I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything actually. Here are a few highlights:

1. We bought a house. Outside of the city. We bought a beautiful home Oakville (a suburb of Toronto). It is very close to the GO Train, which means my husband can easily take the train to work and avoid traffic. It will take him about 30 minutes to get to work. Not too bad considering the subway ride if we bought within the city would be almost equivalent...and grosser! I never thought I'd want to leave the city. I love our condo downtown. Then we had a baby...and got lots of baby stuff...and need more space! Like...lots more space! A yard is going to be fantastic. But I'm scared. I will no longer have everything at my fingertips. I'll have to use the car more. I have no friends in Oakville. I have no job in Oakville....which brings me to my second highlight.

2. I resigned from my teaching job. I am going to stay home with Alexandra for atleast another 9 months. The school I worked at was not near the GO station in Toronto, so the commute for me would be way too much. Not worth it. So, we decided that since we are fortunate enough to be able to have me stay home, I will do it...for a while. I'm nervous about not having a job. I loved my job. But I also love being home. And I was scared shitless about the stress of going back to work...let alone finding daycare! We were on 2 lists for a year and did not get a spot! And if day care is going to cost us $1700 a month (INSANITY!) it almost seems ridiculous to go back to work. I'd be working for pennies! So, I will likely look for work in our new town for next September...unless we are expecting another baby...which brings me to highlight #3!

3. We are back in the throws of fertility treatments. I fully weaned Alexandra about 3 weeks ago and yesterday I went back to my fertility clinic and got my meds. Yesterday i did my first injection for this cycle. We will be doing an IUI once/if my follicles grow nicely and we get a good egg ready for baby making! Please cross your fingers for us!

So....that's what I'm up to. I am still reading all of your blogs but besides dealing with the above, and now selling our condo (major pain in the ass!!!) and also working on my masters in math...I am having a hard time blogging and commenting! But I am here, and I am following you all!

xo LTB


  1. whoooooooa what an update!!! Congratulations on your new home! 1700?! I nearly choked! I have a friend paying $800 a month and I thought that was ridiculous! MOST places around here are $150/wk for a baby.

    I am so excited that you're TTC again! I know that's awful to say with IF but I am very hopeful for you and excited to hear that you're pregnant! We are going to get off BCP either this month or next and just try "the old fashioned way" for a bit. If We're not pregnant by summer and Truitt hasn't weaned we will wean him and then start meds again.

    I hope you're able to keep us updated!

  2. Oh my goodness! So many great things happening! Very excited for you. And WOWZERS to Baby A almost turning one! :)

  3. WOW!! Y'all have been busy!! I hope everything with the move, the staying home, and the fertility treatments go well! Remember to take time for you, and try not to get too stressed out!

  4. that was a whopper of an update!!! whoa! Congrats on the new house and best of luck with TTC #2!

  5. Yay for everything! New house, stay at home mom, and trying for baby #2. Lots of good things happening!

  6. OK I am soo jealous about the staying home and #2 (we can't afford either, ever. sad) but also so excited for y'all! geez that daycare is CRAZY! the very best daycare here is about $800/mo.

    we need some new Baby A pics!!

  7. wow lots going on! Congrats on being able to stay home longer now and the new house. I will be praying baby #2 is on the way very soon :) I wish we were still in treatment too :( We had to take a break for a while though.

  8. Congratulations on your new home and on quitting your job (lucky!!!!)! You sound super busy and happy. Good luck with the math degree-- it sounds great-- and I wish you luck with TTC. I hope we get that bfp post very very soon.

  9. Staying home is awesome! Congrats on the new house!!

  10. Staying at home is what the cool people do! I'm glad you're able to do it too! :)

  11. Hey Mama! Been thinking about you this past month and hoping so badly that your injects cycle was a winner. Your little darlin' is unbelievably cute and WHERE does the time go that she's a year old baby, AHHHHH!!!

    Keep us posted!